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Power for Residence / Small Offices / Long Back up UPS
  • Micro controller based design
  • Free Pre-loaded battery management software.
  • SMD Technology for reliable and compact design
  • Battery charging commences even at as low as 120 Volt Mains voltage
  • Auto holiday mode preserves battery charge while you are away from home

Power for Residence / Small Offices / Sine Wave UPS
  • Can run single PC up to 8hrs. With 12 V 150 AH battery
  • Selectable battery option
  • Pre-loaded battery management software
  • Charges battery double fast
  • Regulated battery charging from 120V to 300V
  • Automatic holiday mode preserves battery charge
  • Advanced digital display

Higher KVA Inverters for
BPO’s, Call Centers, Multiplexes, Shopping malls, Banking, IT Sector, Hospitals.
  • Pure sine wave
  • High efficiency
  • Regulated output
  • Suitable for 3 phase unbalanced load
  • Low harmonic distortion
  • Designed for high inductive load
  • IGBT based PWM technology

Luminous Line Interactive UPS Systems
This highly compact power packed UPS systems offer the best and most reliable data security to small desk tops or personal computers.
  • Micro controller based intelligent system
  • No load shutdown
  • Pre-Alarm Audio & Visual Signals for Battery low
  • Overload trip audio and visual signals
  • Battery Deep Discharge Protection
  • User-Friendly

Online UPS Systems
save your sensitive equipments from main lines failure, voltage fluctuations, blackouts and other electrical disturbances
  • Double conversion online topology
  • High frequency PWM technology
  • Fully microprocessor –controlled design
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Near unity input power factor
  • Automatic bypass
  • Smart self diagnosis function
  • Full time lightning and surge protection

Luminous Tabular Batteries
  • Extremely high purity, corrosion-resistant proprietary Spine alloy ensures longer life.
  • Extremely superfine void-free grain structure ensures corrosion resistance and high operational life.
  • World-class spine manufacturing process using state-of-the-art HADI pressure die-casting machines (150 Bar) from Germany.
  • Proprietary Spine design to ensure uniform distribution of positive active material for extremely long life and superior performance.

Flat Plate Deep Cycle Battery
  • Extra thick plates ensure long life
  • Special alloy used – very low maintenance
  • Inter partition connection-good voltage profile on discharge
  • Sleek appearance in sealed plastic housing
  • Good charge acceptance – suitable for frequent power cuts

Luminous Electra
  • Revolutionary Ca –Ca (Calcium Calcium)& EMT technology – 80% lower fluid loss, 3 times lower self discharge, 1.5 times service life and much lighter than the conventional batteries
  • Robust design – For optimised performance in all terrain conditions
  • Heat Sealed Covers – Prevents leakage and contamination, adds to case strength and rigidity
Luminous Start
  • Completely maintenance free for its active life
  • Extremely low self-discharge - No electrical drain on the battery. It could stand for up to one year and then still have enough power to start the vehicle.
  • Ideal for vehicles, boats, machinery, etc that are not used on a regular basis.
  • Double chamber container with Magic Eye – Clearly indicating the exact battery condition
1 Phase in 1 Phase Out UPS 3 - 10 KVA

The Digital Energy™ LP11U Series is a robust, highperformance UPS system that provides power protection for a wide range of mission critical applications. Every LP11USeries unit operates in a double conversion mode with true on-line VFI (voltage and frequency independent) operation, yielding maximum levels of power protection even under the toughest conditions. In addition, the LP11USeries UPS is easy to install and service, especially in an office environment. The robust design makes it suitable for traditional industrial applications as well.

3 Phase in 1 Phase Out (3-30 KVA)

The GE Digital Energy LP 31T Series of UPS is a high performance CE listed design that supplies information-quality power for your critical applications. The LP 31T is based on GE's reputable LP 11 design. The LP 31T Series UPS is easy to install and service and suits a variety of applications and environments. Although built to withstand industrial environments, its modern design and quiet operation also make it ideal for integration into an office environment. Thanks to RPA (GE's exclusive Redundant Parallel Architecture) the system's power can be expanded by paralleling up to four (4) units. RPA allows parallel units to enhance system reliability and create a totally redundant system eliminating single points of failure.

3 Phase in 3 Phase Out UPS (40, 120 kVA) CE

The GE Digital Energy LP 33 Series is a highly reliable and cost effective three phase UPS system providing critical power protection for a wide range of applications. The LP 33 system operates in VFI mode (Voltage Frequency Independent) yielding the maximum levels of power reliability for all mission-critical processes. The GE Digital Energy LP 33 was developed using GE's Design for Six Sigma methodology to ensure that the product fully meets customer requirements and expectations.

ZTE Series - Mission, Process, and Healthcare Critical

ZTE Series - Mission, Process, and Healthcare Critical Specifically designed for large healthcare and mission-critical applications, with built-in metering, communications and advanced diagnostics. ZTE Automatic Transfer Switches go beyond simply source switching and are available from 40-4000A and 120-600V.

  • Standard (Open), Delayed or Closed transition
  • Bypass/Isolation (ZBTE, ZBTED, ZBTECT)

GE Products

Exide Inva Queen (24 Months Warranty)

Exide Inva Queen has rygged internal elements required for with standing frequent and long powercuts. The thick plates ensure a long life and its through partition inter-cell connections ensure an even better voltage profile on discharge.
The result : a steady discharge during powercuts of long duration and also enhanced service life.

Exide Invared (36 Months Warranty)

Exide Invared, the next generation tubular battery designed specially to withstand long and frequent powercuts and requiring very low maintenance. Available Models

  • INVARED 300(80 Ah)
  • INVARED 400(115 Ah)
  • INVARED 500( 150 Ah)
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GE Solar Products

With rising fuel costs, climate change concerns, and a growing demand for electricity, renewable energy resources such as solar power are becoming an increasingly valuable part of the world's energy mix.

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Luminous Solar Products

These are high quality and high performance modules suitable for power generation and tested visually, mechanically and electrically according to the standard test conditions applicable worldwide.

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Luminous Solar Panel

The solar cells, typically 180-260 micron thick, are tested and electronically matched prior to interconnection. The encapsulation between high-trans mittance special tempered glass and UV-resistant multilayer back sheet which guarantees the module’s excellent durability under harsh outdoor conditions of extreme temp, high altitudes, deserts and coastal regions. The module size self- supporting anodized aluminum frame is designed to allow easy mounting and carrying.

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Solar For Home

The innovative, energy efficient LED based design of this new  product with a single light output is at par with 11W CFL. It can be termed as single solution for all daily household lighting needs. This equipment has PWM based compact electronic circuitry with high efficiency.

It offers uniform & constant bright light output over entire battery voltage range. It is specially designed for maximum energy harvesting from connected solar module, as compared to other products. This equipment can provide light output ranging between 11 to 102 hrs.

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Solar Battery

Solar flooded tubular monobloc batteries designed to offer reliable, consistent and low maintenance power for renewable energy requirements. These batteries can be subject to deep cycle applications and minimum maintenance in rural and power deficit areas.

The batteries have a capacity to withstand partial state of charge (PSOC) operation. These monobloc batteries are available in 12 Volts from 20Ah to 200 Ah @ C10 at 27⁰C to 1.80 vpc.

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DG Sets

Luminous DG Sets have been designed in compliance with the latest technologies that are suitable for all small, medium and large industries, hospitals, multistoried buildings, farms and individual houses.

These DG sets consists of “Lombardini for 5 KVA” & “Escorts for 15-40 KVA” engines coupled with self regulated alternator mounted on specially designed common skid base frame fitted with special vibration isolator to make DG set vibration free.

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