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Car Batteries

Luminous Electra

Luminous introduces the efficient and technologically advanced range of all new maintenance free Electra automotive batteries. Their strength lies in the fusion of European technology and Indian engineering for high performance in Indian applications. Luminous range of Electra Batteries apart from being factory charged and ready to use, come with the assurance of longer, trouble free performance, year after year.

Luminous Electra batteries are superior to others with:
  • Revolutionary Ca –Ca (Calcium Calcium)& EMT technology – 80% lower fluid loss, 3 times lower self discharge, 1.5 times service life and much lighter than the conventional batteries
  • Robust design – For optimised performance in all terrain conditions
  • Heat Sealed Covers – Prevents leakage and contamination, adds to case strength and rigidity
  • Flame arrester safety system – Prevents possibility of explosion from spark outside, minimize acid leakage and prevents inflow of dust
  • Low resistance envelope separator- Encapsulate negative plates, improves vibration durability, prevents internal shorting
  • Double chamber container with Magic Eye – Clearly indicating the exact battery condition

Luminous Start

Luminous launches the technologically superior yet easy on pocket, factory charged and maintenance free, Start automotive batteries. Powered by international Ca –Ca & EMT technology and Indian engineering, these Batteries optimize energy supply in addition to back-up for vehicle accessories. They designed to deliver high performance for all types of vehicles, including Indian and international makes.

Start advantages:
  • Completely maintenance free for its active life
  • Extremely low self-discharge - No electrical drain on the battery. It could stand for up to one year and then still have enough power to start the vehicle.
  • Ideal for vehicles, boats, machinery, etc that are not used on a regular basis.
  • Vibration and impact resistant - High density pasted plates are used which improve life- cycle and are resistant to vibration
  • Resistant to thermal runaway - Calcium-Calcium are not prone to thermal runaway where the conventional battery eventually cooks itself in very hot applications, i.e. courier vans etc. making them idealfor such applications.
  • Double chamber container with Magic Eye – Clearly indicating the exact battery condition

Luminous Solar Products

These are high quality and high performance modules suitable for power generation and tested visually, mechanically and electrically according to the standard test conditions applicable worldwide.

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Solar For Home

The innovative, energy efficient LED based design of this new  product with a single light output is at par with 11W CFL. It can be termed as single solution for all daily household lighting needs. This equipment has PWM based compact electronic circuitry with high efficiency.

It offers uniform & constant bright light output over entire battery voltage range. It is specially designed for maximum energy harvesting from connected solar module, as compared to other products. This equipment can provide light output ranging between 11 to 102 hrs.

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