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GE Wind Turbines (Imagination at Work)

Product evolution. It’s one of the things GE does best. Especially when it comes to the next generation of wind turbines. Building on a strong power generation heritage spanning more than a century, GE onshore wind turbines deliver proven performance, availability and reliability—creating more value for our customers. As one of the world’s leading wind turbine suppliers, GE Energy’s current product portfolio includes wind turbines with rated capacities ranging from 1.5 MW–4.1 MW and support services extending from development assistance to operation and maintenance.

GE Wind Turbines 1.5 MW - 113 MW Series

Features & Benefits
    1.5 MW Series
  • Most widely deployed wind turbine - 16,500+ turbines installed globally
  • 98.6+% availability in a variety of wind classes
  • Continual investment to create the highest capacity factor in its class
  • Sharing of components ensures consistent workhorse reliability, ease of maintenance planning and high commonality in spare parts.

    2.5 MW Series
  • Built on proven technology of 1.5 megawatt platform
  • Selected for two of the largest wind farms globally
  • Produces the highest annual energy yield in its class, creating more value for our customers
  • Best sound profile in its class while maintaining a high energy yield
  • Designed for IEC class II and class III and can be deployed on over 85% of sites being developed today
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4.1-113 Offshore Wind Turbine

GE’s 4.1-113 combines a proven design with GE’s unparalleled reliable technology to deliver the only built for purpose offshore wind turbine. The 4.1-113 is designed specifically for the offshore environment, with reliability and availability as the primary drivers. This machine includes direct-drive technology, built-in redundancy in the generator and converter, and in-situ repair capabilities, providing unique value to offshore wind farm operators.

  • High reliability and annual energy production with direct-drive design (fewer moving parts): Eliminates downtime due to gearbox faults, maintenance, and exchanges
  • Technology Leader: Industry’s most mature offshore direct-drive technology. In operation since 2005 in harsh near shore conditions
  • Low operating expense: Once a year maintenance cycle maximizes in-situ repair reducing need for large repair vessels
  • Offers redundant operation and in-situ repairs wherever possible, maximizing availability and reducing operating costs

GE Solar Products

With rising fuel costs, climate change concerns, and a growing demand for electricity, renewable energy resources such as solar power are becoming an increasingly valuable part of the world's energy mix.

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