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GE UPS (Imagination at Work)

The GE Digital Energy LP 33 Series is a highly reliable and cost effective three phase UPS system providing critical power protection for a wide range of applications. The LP 33 system operates in VFI mode (Voltage Frequency Independent) yielding the maximum levels of power reliability for all mission-critical processes. The GE Digital Energy LP 33 was developed using GE's Design for Six Sigma methodology to ensure that the product fully meets customer requirements and expectations.

The unit is equipped with a redundant power supply ensuring the load being transferred in an instant to the static bypass in the event of a breakdown of the power electronics. To further increase system reliability, 2 or more units can be connected in parallel using GE's unique redundant parallel architecture(RPA). In this way a redundant fault tolerant system is created with maximum availability and reliability. The decentralized bypass offers maximum flexibility to the end-user for future expansion of the system.

LP33 Series UPS(10-120 KVA)-CE Listed

Features and benefits
  • GE's unique booster-technology provides a high input power factor (0.98) and low input current harmonic distortion. The low input current harmonic distortion is constant for al load situations from 20% to 100% load.
  • Big savings can be achieved on energy costs due to the very high efficiency of this UPS system: 93%, on ECO Mode up to 98.6%.
  • Input/Output terminals are easily accessible from the front, as well as all other serviceable parts. Full front access provides the possibility to place the unit against a wall or in a "back to back" configuration, saving floor space.
  • EMC filters are standard installed in the UPS making sure that the system complies also with the future standards on emission of radio frequencies. The LP 33 Series complies with EN 62040 Class A ensuring compatibility in any environment.
  • The footprint of the LP 33 Series is compact. Combined with low weight it can be placed on any floor. The small footprint provides you with more space for other equipment.
  • on-line double conversion topology
  • true sine wave output
  • > 3:1 Crest Factor
  • up to 93.3% efficiency in double conversion mode
  • up to 98.6% efficiency in ECO mode
  • parallel up to 4 units in RPA
  • CE listed

Product Scop

  • 3-phase in/out, 10-20-30-40-60-80-100-120 kVA
  • IGBT rectifier and inverter
  • 380/400/415V input voltage
  • 45-66Hz input frequency range
  • 380/400/415V input voltage
  • 50/60Hz output frequency (user selectable)

GE Solar Products

With rising fuel costs, climate change concerns, and a growing demand for electricity, renewable energy resources such as solar power are becoming an increasingly valuable part of the world's energy mix.

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