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Exide batteries are available in 4 categories: Exide Invared, Exide InvaQueen, Exide Powersafe and Exide InvaTubular

Exide Invared (36 Months Warranty)

Exide Invared, the next generation tubular battery designed specially to withstand long and frequent powercuts and requiring very low maintenance. Available Models

  • INVARED 300(80 Ah)
  • INVARED 400(115 Ah)
  • INVARED 500( 150 Ah)

Exide Inva Queen (24 Months Warranty)

Exide Inva Queen has rygged internal elements required for with standing frequent and long powercuts. The thick plates ensure a long life and its through partition inter-cell connections ensure an even better voltage profile on discharge.
The result : a steady discharge during powercuts of long duration and also enhanced service life.

Exide INVA Tubular (48 Months Warranty)

Exide INVA Tubular, the next generation tubular battery designed specially to withstand long and frequent powercuts. It is the "ULTIMATE INVERTER BATTERY"

  • Ironclad┬╣┬« Tubular Technology
  • Electrolyte level indicator
  • High Acid volume per ampere hour
  • Tower type design
  • Acid volume per ampere hour is 30% more than that of ordinary tubular batteries. It acts as a coolant and also ensures very low maintenance
  • Suited for use in areas of frequent power cuts (800 to 1000 cycles of deep discharge as against 300/400 cycles of other batteries)

Exide Powersafe (12 Months Warranty)

New revolutionary HS* Technology, Modified design for more reliability, Enhanced compatability to PSOC operation, Improved aesthetics with optical brightener, Stronger, Sturdier attractive packaging

  • New Improved Sealed Maintenance free
  • Free from Orientation Constraints
  • Easy Handling and No installation constraints
  • Long Service Life
  • Excellent charge retention and recovering ability

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Solar For Home

The innovative, energy efficient LED based design of this new  product with a single light output is at par with 11W CFL. It can be termed as single solution for all daily household lighting needs. This equipment has PWM based compact electronic circuitry with high efficiency.

It offers uniform & constant bright light output over entire battery voltage range. It is specially designed for maximum energy harvesting from connected solar module, as compared to other products. This equipment can provide light output ranging between 11 to 102 hrs.

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